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Business Development

SGBC Group achieves Business Development for our clients through:

Strategic Planning

SGBC Group believes that Strategic Planning is a key piece to a Company’s success in the Federal government Marketplace and we are committed to helping our clients develop and implement their strategy plan.

 Why SGBC Group Promotes Strategic Planning:

  Introduction of Strategic Planning allows for a look into the way forward and therefore provides an opportunity to influence the future and take a proactive stance
  Provides more awareness of needs and of the facilities-related issues and environment
  Defines the overall mission of the Company and focuses on the strategic objectives
  Provides a path forward, stability, and valuable staffing and leadership
  Brings all business activities into the mix and provides standards of accountability for employees, programs, and allocated resources

Because time is of essence in Business Development, we think that the strategic planning process should be limited in nature and consist of three basic, but vital tasks:

  Strategic Analysis: includes review of company Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT), information gathering on potential Federal government clientele and business competition, and prioritizing results and opportunities in support of establishing business development objectives
  Strategic Direction: developing strategic goals for the company to obtain and determining strategies the company will undertake to accomplish these goals
  Action Plans: identifying specific objectives for each goal, developing tactics to achieve objectives, specifying responsibilities and timelines, developing methods to monitor and evaluate success
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Teaming Relations

Over the past years of Federal government downsizing, the acquisition groups have been hit hardest and they don’t have the staffing levels they once had to procure products and services. So, they have turned to single procurements or Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to acquire a variety of services and products. Therefore, teaming on Federal Government procurements has become common practice and brings together teaming partners that might not have otherwise worked together.

Building Teaming Relationships is a critical part of SGBC Group’s philosophy when it comes to doing business in the Federal Government Marketplace and it is one of our primary focus areas for our clients.

One of the biggest benefits for those Company’s who join the SGBC Group Team is accessibility to our vast network of different business types for building teaming and partnering relationship to win Federal government business.

Why is Teaming Beneficial?

  Federal Government supports teaming relationships (FAR 9.6)
  Offers the Federal Government the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery
  Larger Contractors can’t perform all the Contract Requirements and may need specialized service contractors to perform pieces of the bundled workload
  Increases opportunity for small business to participate in larger Federal government contracts
  Allows for smaller businesses to gain Federal Government experience and establish credibility
  Large Businesses almost always have a requirement to include smaller businesses in performance of their Federal Government Contract

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Marketing a company’s capabilities is an extremely important piece in obtaining business from the Federal Government. Until you tell them who you are and what you can do, they probably don’t even know you exist! And the Federal Government is not likely to go at RISK with an unknown Contractor. It’s the taxpayer’s money they must protect and spend wisely.

The SGBC Group has an experienced team that can develop the required marketing packages that best demonstrates your Company’s capabilities and present you to the appropriate Federal Government officials.

It is important to understand that the Federal Government’s time is limited and very valuable. So, it’s very critical that the presentation makes the best use of the time allotted. Therefore, developing a quality briefing document that sells your services and products in the time allowed is extremely imperative. For most companies, this may be their first encounter with the Federal Government and it must go to plan. A bad presentation will cost you dearly and make the road into the Federal Government Marketplace longer and more difficult.

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